Google Glass and Google Car and Google Whatever

The much anticipated Google Glass starts now to reach non-Googlers. But it’s expensive and you have to want to do more with it than just testing a new gadget.

Google released a promotional video for showing the possibilities, and the wow-effect is here:

This is baffling, isn’t it?

Of course, Google Glass raises some issues. What about privacy for passers-by when a glass-wearer records his walk in the street and publish it directly on Google+ or Youtube? Actually it shouldn’t be that different than filming with a mobile phone but at least you can see it and avoid it if you want. And what about the wearer privacy, because everything happening with the glass go through Google’s servers? 

On the technical side, Internet access is provided by the mobile phone when outside. It means communication is done through Bluetooth, which usually drains the battery a lot. How long will the autonomy be?

Fortunately the project is still in its infancy, we’ll see in the future how the technology will improve.

Anyway, it looks like Google is taking inspiration from some of old sci-fi dreams: displaying information in front of your eyes without sitting at a desk (à la Terminator) as well as self-driving cars.

If Google need some help, I can suggest more cool stuff:

  • Google Light Saber
  • Google Invisibility Cloak
  • Google Flying Car,
  • Google V.I.K.Ia super computer managing all the information available and a lot of different devices… no wait! 



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