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Automated backup of your Evernote data (on OS X)

I decided lately to (again) give a try to Evernote. And so far I like it, I found it smoother to use than my previous solution. I’m not sure I’ll continue to use it forever though, but so far I find it interesting.

My concern is of course data safety. It is synced to Evernote’s servers, not backed up, and the risk is that if it is screwed in one place it will then be replicated to other devices, unless disconnected from the Internet.

So how to make a backup of the data? Continue reading

Jumping Ship from iPhone to Android: A Switcher’s Guide

I discovered Android last September, and I really like it! The only problem is the battery life, which is pretty short, especially when compared to iPhones (I had the possibility to test one).

Anyway, if you’re an iOS user and would like to see how it is on the other side or thinking to switch, you can read this article at Lifehacker:

After five years of iPhones, I found myself in that camp and made the switch to a Nexus 4. Switching was easier than I thought, but still brought about a number of challenges. Just because you ultimately choose Android doesn’t mean you don’t want a lot of what iOS has to offer. In this post, we’ll look at how to adjust to Android’s differences and bring in the comforts of iOS you may miss.

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Mozilla Unlocks the Power of the Web on Mobile with Firefox OS

Well, that’s interesting, Mozilla announced that Firefox OS will be available for 18 carriers. Let’s see it it can first compete against Windows 8 for the third place…

Mozilla is excited to share that today 18 operators at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona announced their commitment to Firefox OS, which will power the world’s first Open Web Devices.

Read more at The Mozilla Blog.