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What Are The Social Implications Of Google Glass?

An interesting reading about Google Glass:

But we are talking about a product that is possibly the most socially intrusive device we have seen, ever. Why is it that nobody is talking about the negative social implications of the device? How will I talk to you, if I have no idea what you are seeing when you are looking at me? (read more at What Are The Social Implications Of Google Glass? – Statspotting!.)

A good complement to better article than my previous one.

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Google announces Chromebook Pixel: a premium Chrome OS laptop shipping next week for $1,299 | The Verge

Well, it looks like everybody goes the Apple way, nowadays. First Microsoft with Surface, now Google with the Chromebook Pixel… Who’s next? Facebook or Twitter?

Like Apple’s notebook, the highlight is the Gorilla Glass-covered screen: with a 12.85-inch, 2560 x 1700 touchscreen panel, Google says it’s the highest resolution display that’s ever shipped on a laptop. “You’ll never ever see another pixel in your life,” says Chrome VP Sundar Pichai. And yet this particular screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio: In order to better fit web content, which often flows vertically down a page, the screen is nearly as tall as it is wide.

via Google announces Chromebook Pixel: a premium Chrome OS laptop shipping next week for $1,299 | The Verge.

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Is Google inspired by geo:truc? Probably not, but…

geo:truc, as taken from Google previewWhen I made the new version of geo:truc a few weeks ago, I kept the palette of colors that geo:truc has had before: a lot of dark greys, red links and red logo (here is a picture giving you an idea).
But after some time, I began to dislike it and the last week-end I started to work on the new design: I kept the dark toolbar, the red links and I added a horizontal grey stripe under the toolbar and change the background color to white (very very light grey). I released that last night.

And guess what? At the same time, Google is rolling out a new interface for its products, with a dark toolbar, red links, a grey stripe under the toolbar and a white background. Mmm…

Well it’s so funny (and a little bit frustrating) that I couldn’t not blogging that :-)

Google +1 Experiment

Google +1 Experiment

Doing a search on Google yesterday, I could see what my Twitter contacts are recommending (check the picture). Of course this raised my curiosity, and I wanted to look at the recommended link.

It looks like this +1 stuff is a smart move, this suggests that somehow the content of the link is interesting, although there’s no guarantee that it’s 100% relevant for what I’m looking for.

+1 results are built upon my Twitter social graph and what people are “plus oneing” when logged into their Google account (you can see the +1 icon right on the result title). I wonder how long it will take before integrating with my Facebook contacts, but I’m afraid this issue is more about politics between Facebook and Google than technology. I wonder too if Facebook can bare Google from creating an app accessing one’s contacts?

In the future, it would be nice to have contacts from LinkedIn as well.