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Travel (part 2)

So, we came back from France two days ago, after driving back 2200 kilometers, more than 4500 for the complete trip. The journey was pleasant, it was really good to meet again my family (and my brother that I haven’t met for more than one year and half), and my daughters where also happy to meet them. We were in Dijon’s area and then in Grenoble. We ate very well, and I bought few comics, books, and also the last album from the Négresses Vertes.

Travel (part 1)

Well, these last days I have been learning XML, in order to port my page, but I saw that it wasn’t well handled by MS Internet Explorer 6. Well, it limits the interest of porting, since the purpose of this page was to provide me with my bunch of links in every places I can be, including places where there is only IE. So, I finally convert the content to XHTML. It was quick and easy, and it will be easier to manage.

BTW, I changed from Mozilla Composer to VIM.

Tomorrow we will take the road for traveling to France, visit my family and my grand mothers, who both are heavily sick. We should arrive there after 3 or 4 days of road.