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Slackware 9.0

I installed Slackware 9.0 on my computer. The installation was straightforward, everything went fine. I am writing this actually from Konqueror, the web browser provided with KDE. It’s really quick, and it’s lighter than Mozilla. which I’m usually using. Its code was taken by Apple for building its new Safari browser.

I am playing with KDE 3.1. I am impressed by its speed, it’s really much better than KDE 2 I tested some years ago. Dunno how long it will take before I’m back to XFce :-)

Back at home…

…finally. I made a nice trip to Brussels, ate well their and laughed a lot with some friends I met there, but all those things help very few when you’re missing your family.

The weather was sunny, temperature was around 15 C. I came back yesterday, and well, it it much colder in Sweden (-3 C this morning).

I found an interesting reading for those who like the french-bashing and those who are disappointed by the actual US Administration. That’s a letter from Michael Moore to George Bush (the new one).

And the new Slackware Linux is here :-)


Well, I still have no job, and I don’t have that much time to search a lot right now, since I am going to school in Stockholm every morning. Anyway, I put my CV online here, so if you are a swedish reader, you’re very welcome to take a look at it.

I moved from my old Mandrake 8.0 to Slackware 8.1, and that’s really a nice distro, simple, with not that much shell-scripts too heavy to understand. I tried KDE 3 during 2-3 days, it’s much better than KDE 2, and it was faster on the same computer. Anyway, I went back asap to XFce4, it’s where I feel “at home”. And I started to use Rox as file manager, and it rocks.