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Talking to 200 persons at once

I had a talk this morning for presenting the new portal of GBIF-Sweden to the employees of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

I talked in Cosmonova, which is a huge dome-theater, and that was really impressive to be there. It was a little bit weird as well since the public was in the darkness, I couldn’t see if people were interested or not.

So I presented our new portal. It features a search function: you can now search among 16 millions of records of specimens and observations from swedish databases. You can see the result as a list of occurences, or displayed on a map, at least for records with coordinates.

It contains also news and documents about GBIF.

On the microformat front, the portal uses geo each time a record has coordinates. So if you have Operator installed, and if the map we provide doesn’t fit you or you want to see the location with satellite pictures, you just need to right click and go to the map provider you like (Google or Yahoo!)

The URL is http://www.gbif.se

It’s all in swedish :-)

Joyeuses Pâques

So, today is a great day, Jesus-Christ is resurrected. We had a long mass yesterday evening in the church, it was very nice.

Here is my new baby 😉

BTW, I don’t have enough time to update often this blog (sorry guys), and since this page is my “home page” in all the browsers I can use, I am tired to see that this page is never updated. What a pity! And most of you, dear readers, are interested by the Linux/XFce stuff. The blog doesn’t sound necessary anymore, or not in the front page. I think I will redo this page, for making something simpler, and without this big banner for the stats on the bottom. It should be faster. I wonder if this blog should still exist or not.