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Google +1 Experiment

Google +1 Experiment

Doing a search on Google yesterday, I could see what my Twitter contacts are recommending (check the picture). Of course this raised my curiosity, and I wanted to look at the recommended link.

It looks like this +1 stuff is a smart move, this suggests that somehow the content of the link is interesting, although there’s no guarantee that it’s 100% relevant for what I’m looking for.

+1 results are built upon my Twitter social graph and what people are “plus oneing” when logged into their Google account (you can see the +1 icon right on the result title). I wonder how long it will take before integrating with my Facebook contacts, but I’m afraid this issue is more about politics between Facebook and Google than technology. I wonder too if Facebook can bare Google from creating an app accessing one’s contacts?

In the future, it would be nice to have contacts from LinkedIn as well.

Facebook everywhere…

Apparently Facebook found a smart way to make users choose www.facebook.com as their home page (the one when the browser starts, not the one stored on some obscure server somewhere on the Internet).

Why not? Facebook needs traffic, it needs to grow, and asking people to put it as home page will improve figures.

People are already spending too much time on Facebook, in my opinion (at least here in Sweden, where it’s very big). And on Facebook, you’re not really relaxing, and you’re not productive either. I don’t think it’s a very positive move (I’m not alone, Tim Berners-Lee isn’t either).

I would suggest you to put www.geotruc.net as you’re home page. You can relax watching beautiful maps, satellite pictures, and you can be productive by using it to geotag your photos on Flickr (use the machine tags for that purpose), quickly enter your destination in your GPS device…