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The Two Towers

Last sunday, my wife and me were at the cinema for watching The Two Towers. Well, it’s really nice, I am happy to have watched it, but it’s not as nice as the first part, which was slower but gave room for a magic atmosphere.

I am really happy to see this film, as I wrote. I am a committed catholic, but, well, since one year, my spiritual life was almost asleep. I continued to go to the mass, but I didn’t confess for a while, and I was far to do my devotions. But well, The Two Towers triggered in my soul the desire to confess and to come back to the devotion… and I did it. If some want to know, I can tell more later :-)

Christmas was nice, and I ate like an orc :-) And I took my bicycle to go to the Midnight Mass – it was -14 C outside. Brr.