The return of use WordPress as an Evernote replacement

Just for continuing my last year article Use WordPress as an Evernote replacement, I became tired of the big header of Themolio. And I didn’t want to mess with its code, so I discovered Pinbin.

It is a good looking theme and it’s responsive. Like Themolio it’s data is displayed using columns, à la Pinterest, which allows me to have a quick view on my stuff. Then it’s still possible to search through my stuff with the usual WordPress search. You can see below a screenshot of it.

It possible to use it without any logo so that a lot of screen estate is save from the top bar.

The only drawback I found so far it that the widgets are placed at the bottom of the screen because I like to have a quick look on them. But I don’t use them so often so I guess I’ll get use to this placement soon.