Mickaël Graf

About me

I am born in Montpellier, France, 37 years ago. After obtaining my Masters Degree in Information System and Management, and a short job experience in France, I moved to Sweden in February 1999 and soon started to work as database developer for an Internet advertising company.

In January 2003, I began to work as database developer for the swedish node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, located at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Since I started at this position, GBIF-Sweden became the third biggest provider of biodiversity records. I also developped the corporate website, which includes a search engine, a mapserver, news and documents.

On my spare time I developped geo:truc, a web application allowing people to easily find the latitude and longitude of a location, and to transform them in different formats, such as geoRSS, geo (microformat) and machine tags.

I am also the creator and former main developer of Orage, a calendar application for the Xfce project, a desktop environment for various Linux and Unix systems.


Database design, development and maintainance (MySQL, Oracle, FileMaker), SQL, PHP, AJAX, C, GTK+, Javascript, XML, (X)HTML, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Slackware), PL/SQL, Apache, Open Source, Mapserver, Google Maps, CodeIgniter, GeoRSS, Microformats, Textpattern, Wordpress

Mickaël Graf aka Korbinus
Uppsala, Sweden
Developer of geo:truc
At work
Database developer at
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Frescativägen 40,
104 05 Stockholm,

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